Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cyber Games

Source: Drone photographed in Pakistan

After the media and government declared the third world war, commonly known as The Drone War, an immense success in the early 21st century, the military and the newly militarized police, applauding the advances in modern technology, took themselves out of harms way for good. Public policing now takes place behind locked doors with officers in front of computer screens flipping switches and maneuvering joy sticks. They are all players in a never ending game of crime. In fact, much of the new recruits come from the top winners of the annual and immensely popular World Cyber Games. Needless to say many of these advancements in crime fighting have come at the expense of citizens. With pilot-less surveillance aircraft silently watching overhead and robotic policemen patrolling the streets, the daily public realm feels more like a constant war zone. Crime levels have definitely dropped, but there have been a growing number of innocent deaths caught in the crossfire of artificial officers high on the thrill of the win.

As officers become increasingly out-of-touch with the reality of their computer keystrokes, these accidents are expected to increase. Maybe soon they won't be accidents at all.

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